Palaran vows for inclusivly in FSO Cup


The Federation of Student Organizations made history as they marked the start of a long sports tournament, every Friday and Saturday bringing back fun-filled activities, fostering a gender inclusive environment, and shaping growth and holistic development outside the four walls of the classroom.

The FSO Cup Season 1 highlights sport tournaments such as basketball, volleyball, men and women, and a muse competition where transgender people are welcome as muse for every competing team.

“We aim to eliminate gender discrimination by allowing transgenders to join in our muse competition, and represent their advocacy and be the voice of the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as promote sportsmanship and camaraderie.” Kercher Palaran, FSO president, said.

According to Palaran, the idea behind FSO Cup Season 1 was initiated by Dr. Jay D. Telen since the first semester to bridge the gap between academics and extracurricular activities and was also given full support by him in terms of spearheading the budget planning.

Welcoming genders, advocating physical and mental wellness, and having a stress-free time every once in a while, were the motivating factors of the FSO committee to push through with the event despite the constraints of budget resources.

The event, however, is open only to students who don’t have classes on Friday and Saturday and those who have passing grades for their course subjects.

News | Krizia Tubat
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