Faculty Development Program

Cognizant of the faculty’s vital role in shaping, training and equipping students for significant skills, knowledge and values and thus preparing their progress towards achieving promising careers; this University pushed faculty development as one of the priority concerns. Recognizing faculty development as a critical factor towards building the strong foundation of an educational system to ensure quality education, this University sent a number of faculty members to various trainings, seminars, fora, and conferences related to their field of discipline.
The table below shows the trainings, seminars and conferences attended by the faculty by campus for AY 2009-2010.


Inclusive Dates and Venue


Seminar on Trends in Automation

Dapitan City, June 25, 2009

Faculty of the College of Education

Seminar of Instructional materials Development

Dapitan City, June 26, 2009

Seminar of Instructional Materials Development

Two-Day Teacher Training on Philippine History and Heritage

JRMSU, DapitanCity, December 3-4, 2009

Social Science Teachers

Symposium on Reviving the Great Filipino Heritage through Youth Leadership and Vigilance Anchoring on Rizal’s Values and Virtues

JRMSU, DapitanCity, December 29, 2009

Social Science Teachers, Student Leaders and Student Teachers

Seminar on Research Journal Article Writing in Science, Mathematics and Engineering

MSU-IIT, Iligan City, March 3, 2010

Engr. Ninfa Pangilinan, Prof. JonaO. Daymiel and other Faculty of the JRMSU System

Pambansang Seminar sa Wikang Filipino

Cagayan de Oro City, May 29, 2009

Dr. Narcisa S. Bureros, Prof. MariaLoreen G.Borgonia, Prof. ZenaidaH. Credo, and Prof. Vilma P.Bagsican

Orientation Seminar on the New NBC 461 Guidelines

JRMSU, DapitanCity, August 12, 2009

Local NBC 461 Evaluators

Regional Student Teachers Congress

WMSU, ZamboangaCity, February 5, 2010

Dr. Narcisa S. Bureros, Engr. NinfaPangilinan and Prof. Vilma P.Bagsican

Seminar-Workshop on NCBTS


Dr. Corazon B. Ochotorena and Dr.Narcisa S. Bureros

Regional Assembly of the Council Deans of Deans for Teacher Education in collaboration with CHED

Top Plaza Hotel,Dipolog City, September 2-3, 2009

Dr. Rizza B. Bagalanon, Dr. NarcisaS. Bureros

Bayan-Anihan Power 5 (care taker term) Training


Engr. Ninfa B. Pangilinan, Prof. Gerardo Acaylar and Dr. Narcisa S.Bureros with the CED

Seminar on Microsoft Word and PoewerpointPresentations

Dapitan City, June 25, 2009

Faculty of the College of Education

Seminar on Procurement and Bidding Procedures in Zamboanga City


Engr. Reynaldo Sagario

Seminar on I.T.


Engr. R. Lacaya, Engr. Angelito M.Punzal and Mr. Armando Saguin

ICT PCITS Regional Convention ‘09 – ZANORTE


Engr. Angelito Punzal, Mr. Armando Saguin and Engr. Joseph Aurelius P. Jacinto

Workshop in Instrumentation

MSU-IIT, Iligan City

Engr. Carmela Liguid


JRMSU, Dapitan City

Dr. Erieda C. Acas, Ms.Jovenia D.Baes, Ms. Quindhe M. Banguiao, Engr. Angelito Punzal, Ms.Paciencia I. Dalaguete, Mr. ArcherCampoy, Ms. Regalada O.Ocampos and Mr. Armando Saguin

National Training on Phil. History and Heritage

JRMSU AVR, DapitanCity, December 3-4, 2009

Ms. Paciencia I. Dalaguete, Ms. Evelyn H. Melendez, Ms. Mila T.Geromo and Ms. Jovenia D. Baes

Gender Sensitivity

JRMSU AVR, DapitanCity

Mr. Edneil O. Maratas


JRMSU, Dapitan City

Dr. Erieda Acas

DDPKaRoMa – Subanen Community as Tourist Attraction of Dapitan City

Bajamunde Farm,Dapitan City

Dr. Erieda Acas

Creative Solutions for Multimedia: Effective Presentation for Education and Business


Engr. Joseph Aurelius Jacinto, Mr. Armando Saguin and Engr.Angelito Punzal

PICPA – ACPAE Mindanao Conference

April 2009

Mr. Romeo M. Velasco

PICPA – ACPAE National Conference

July 2009

Mr. Romeo M. Velasco, Ms. Aileen B. De Guzman

JPIA Regional Convention

September 2009

Mr. Romeo M. Velasco, Ms. Aileen B. De Guzman

JPIA National convention

December 2009

Mr. Romeo M. Velasco, Ms. Aileen B. De Guzman and Mr. Jessie C. Flores

PACSB National Conference

April 2009

Dr. Wilfredo D. Carreon, Jr.

Tourism Statistics

November 2009

Mrs.Jannette J. Icao and Mrs. Grace H. Sabanal

National Training Workshop on NBC 461

June 2009

Dr. Wilfredo D. Carreon, Jr.

PASUC National Conference

June 2009

Dr. Wilfredo D. Carreon, Jr.

National Training Workshop on Newly Developed NBC 461 Software

July 2009

Dr. Wilfredo D. Carreon, Jr. and Mr. John D. Sagapsapan