THE JRMSU College of Law has started its MULTI-MILLION PESOS modernization program and the total reconstruction of its grounds and building.

THESE improvements include the construction of more modern rooms, a high-tech library complete with amenities, new Dean’s Office, new Faculty Lounge, a coffee-shop like Students Lounge, a modern Moot Court (replica of an actual court), offices of the Legal Aid Clinic and Law Student Government.
MODERN SCHOOL facilities and equipments will also be purchased, including new classroom chairs, LED monitors for each room, and the fastest wifi for the entire college.
ALL these improvements are designed to INCREASE OUR FRESHMEN from the present one section to three or four sections.
BUT MOST importantly, these improvements are designed to further enhance our ALREADY STELLAR AND IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE in the Bar Examinations while, at the same time, our students are cloistered in an Instagrammble campus.
GREAT THINGS ARE COMING to the JRMSU College of Law. Get ready for it.