University Officials and Contact Information


JRMSU Board of Regents


Comm. Ronald L. Adamat, Ph.D. Commissioner, CHED Chairperson
Maria Rio Abdon Naguit, Ph.D. University President, JRMSU Vice-Chairperson
Hon. Francis Joseph G. Escudero
Represented By: Hon. Seth Frederick P. Jalosjos
Chairperson Committee on Higher, Technical & Vocational Education Philippine Senate Member
Represented By:Hon. Roberto Y. Uy Jr.
Chair, Committee on Higher and Technical Education Philippine House of Representatives Member
Hon. Maria Felicidad R. Guerrero Regional Director, NEDA IX Member
Hon. Martin A. Wee Regional Director, DOST – IX Member
Hon. Añeja D. Palomares Faculty Representative Member
Hon. Rachel Ann I. Bali Alumni Representative Member
Hon. Shaina E. Saguin Student Representative Member
Hon. Edna Capili-Chan Private Sector Representative Member
Hon. Kathlyn U. Hamoy Private Sector Representative Member
Miss Chalee E. Camazo Board Secretary V Secretary


Unit Heads



Contact No.




Office of the University President 09190038434 Maria Rio Abdon Naguit, Ph.D. University President
 Office of the VP for Finance  09105549231 Atty. Nizza P. Lesterio Absin, CPA Vice President for Finance
Office of the VP for Administration 09989985593 Reynaldo M. Venezuela,DPA Vice President for Administration
Office of the VP for Research, Development, and Extension 09854500836 Rizza B. Bagalanon, Ed.D. Vice President for Research, Development, and Extension
Office of the VP for Academic Affairs 09173037961 Jay D. Telen, Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs
Office of the VP for External Affairs, Linkages and Resource Generation Joseph Salvel R. Campiseño, DM Vice President for External Affairs, Linkages and Resource Generation
Office of the Board Secretary  09688912309 Chalee E. Camazo, LIB University Secretary
Chief Administration Office 09197519373 Marissa M. Recapente, Ed.D Chief Administrative Officer
Commission on Audit
ICT Unit/MISO Johnny Fel M. Garcia Information Technology Officer I
Planning Unit / Atty. Pamela S. Rubi-Anito Planning Officer III
Information Unit Ms. Anna G. Estacio Information Officer III
Internal Audit Unit Ms. Rosiflor R. Guinchoma Internal Auditor II
Project Management Unit  09386636239 Engr. Alver Ageas Project Development Officer III
Legal Unit Atty. Lino Viadnes Legal Officer (Atty. IV)
Quality Assurance Unit Ms. Judith Marie Milanie A. Falconete Quality Assurance Director (Admin Officer V)
Budget Office Ms. Lyn Canda Budget Officer (Admin. Officer V)
General Services Office Engr. Michael Rey Elvin Bureros Sr. General Services Officer
Bids and Awards Committee Mr. Jorge Denard M. Malazarte Procurement Officer (Admin. Officer V)
Supply Office 0778109875 Engr. Riza L. Mulle Supply Officer III
Human Resource Management Unit  09171753443 Engr. Suzette M. Hoyohoy  Supervising Administrative Officer/ OIC-Human Resource Management Officer III
Records Office  Mr. Jan Siegfred Saguin Records Officer III
Accounting Office Mr. Eder E. Cayongcong Accountant III
Cashier’s Office Ms. Lourdes T. Vallejos Supervising Finance Officer/ OIC-Cashier III
Libraries Mr. Mark Andrew D. Bacordo Director, Libraries
Guidance Office  09462389216/ 09661550629 Ms. Kristine Carl B. Lopez Guidance Counselor III
Office of the Registrar  09679115200 Ms. Eva T. Morante Registrar III
Student’s Affairs & Services Dr. Paterno S. Baguinat III Director, Students Affairs & Services
Office of the Flexible Learning System 09275485003 Prof. Jovito C. Anito Jr. FLS Director
Office of the Socio-cultural Affairs Dr. Venus D. Namoc Socio-cultural Affairs
Instructional Materials Development (IMD) 09610122976 Jovelyn M. Cantina, Ed.D. Director, IMD
Office of the Physical Education, Sports and Athletics Prof. Ivo Matthew M. Siaton Director, PESA
 Office of the Alumni Affairs Prof. Janette L. Balladares Director, Aumni Affairs
Office of External Affairs, Linkages, and Resource Generation Dr. Carina Romarate Director, External Affairs, Linkages, and Resource Generation
Campus Director (Main Campus)  09263836621 Dr. Patrick G. Galleto Campus Director, Main Campus
Campus Director (Dipolog Campus) Dr. Marvin A. Recapente Campus Director, Dipolog Campus
Campus Director (Katipunan Campus) Dr. Leonardo J. Zamoras Campus Director, Katipunan Campus
Campus Director (Tampilisan Campus) Dr. Merlyn N. Luza Campus Director, Tampilisan Campus
Campus Director (Siocon Campus) Dr. Chona F. Torrefranca Campus Director, Siocon Campus
College of Education 09989860206 Dr. Joji T. Recamara Dean, College of Education
 College of Arts & Sciences  Dr. Elias B. Cabilin Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
 College of Business Administration Dr. Wilfredo D. Carreon Jr.


 Dean, College of Business Administration
College of Computer Studies 09458624418 Mr. Armando T. Saguin Dean, College of Computer Studies
College of Criminal Justice Education  Dr. Bernard G. Gilaga Dean, College of Criminal Justice Education
College of Engineering  09175991352 Engr. Gillert M. Bongcac Dean, College of Engineering
College of Industrial Technology Dr. Lorenzo V. Sugod Dean, College of Industrial Technology
College of Maritime Education  2/M Expedito B. Columnas Jr.  Dean, College of Maritime Education
College of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences  09205011120 Dr. Grace R. Abad Dean, College of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences
Graduate School  09992221024 Dr. Edgar S. Balbuena Dean, Graduate School
College of Law  0915 746 8838 Atty. Mark Jasper G. Cielo Dean, College of Law
School of Midwifery Mr. Rolando Draper Principal, School of Midwifery