Admission and Retention


The Graduate School has the final authority for student’s admission. The office receives the student’s application which is subject to scrutiny of the Dean. The result of the application will then be forwarded to the registrar for admission.

Admission of New Students

All new students applying for admission to GS master’s program must be a graduate of Bachelor’s degree in line with the area of specialization of the program applied for. In cases where students’ Bachelor’s degree is not in line with area of specialization of the program, they must take bridge courses which are subject to the approval of the Dean and registrar.


Students who are applying to GS doctoral program must be a graduate of master’s degree with thesis and in line with the area of specialization of the program applied for.

Students applying for GS master’s and doctoral program should also pass the entrance examination which includes interview and essay writing.

Those students who qualify on the above requirements must submit the following:

a. Authenticated Office Transcript of Records;
b. Honorable Dismissal;
c. Permit to Study (for employed applicant);
d. Two pieces ID Picture (2×2);
e. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (NSO);
f. Marriage Contract (if married);
g. Original copy of the GS Admission Test result signed by the Dean/ Program;
h. Medical Certificate;
i. Two Brown Envelopes (long); and
j. One copy of the hardbound Master’s Thesis (for applicants of GS doctoral program).

Applicant who does not satisfy any of the above requirements may, at the discretion of the GS Dean, be admitted on probationary status.


Admission of Transfer Students

Transferees may be admitted to enroll GS programs after passing the Graduate School admission test and satisfying the documents required by the registrar’s office.

Admission of Aliens, Naturalized Filipinos and Students with Foreign Names

Aliens, naturalized Filipinos and students with foreign names may be admitted to the Graduate School if the following requirements are complied:

a. Admission Test Result;
b. Passing score/certificate of English Proficiency (for those whose of medium of instruction is not English);
c. Submission of a photo static copy of the Alien Certificate Registration (ACR) and the Native Born Certificate (NBCR) which must be certified against original by the Regional Director of Region IX of the CHED.

At the time of graduation the students should submit a receipt of payment for the Alien Registration Fee for the current year.


Student should complete the master’s program within five (5) years and doctoral program within seven (7) years from the date of first enrolment otherwise he/she shall be required to take nine (9) units of refresher courses. The grades in the refresher courses shall either be PASSED or FAILED.