Having a published paper creates a competitive advantage and marks one as an industry expert. With a large number of publications, the University will have a greater chance of limelight in the industry of academe. Hence, the University faculty and staff researchers are encouraged to engage in high quality research development and extension programs, whose results merit publication in reputable journals such as the Web of Science, Scopus, ASEAN Citation Index, and other peer-reviewed journals.

Below are the lists of published research studies of the University since 2018:

A Numerical Investigation of the Thermal Transportation Properties of Argon + Hydrogen Plasma Working Gases in the Presence of Various TiO2 Precursor Solution

Amended description of the Sumatran endemic Dendrobium bandii (Orchidaceae) with notes on its conservation status and ecology

An annotated checklist of Zingiberaceae species from Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary

Assessment of Dapitan City’s Tourism Resources: Basis for the Development of Tourism Plan

Bacteriological Analysis of Street Foods in Dipolog City

Behavioral Identity of Top Executives in Higher Education Institutions: The Coexistence Theory

Call-Up Approach, an Intervention Program Diving Effects on Learners’ Performance In Core Subject Areas

Civil Relations Program in Relation to Peace Process Maintenance of the Philippine National Police

Community Relations Program in Relation to Peace Process Maintenance of the Philippine National Police

Consumers Assessment on Organically-Grown Products: A Survey in The Province of Zamboanga Del Norte, Philippines

Dendrobium niveolabium (Orchidaceae, section Grastidium), a new Dendrobiinae species from Papua, Indonesia

Density of Microplastics in Philippine Cupped Oyster (Crassostrea iredalei)

Effects of Geographical Location on the Characteristics of Rural Banks

Environmental Pollution Contributory on Open Dumping of City Solid and Organic Wastes: The Risk among Sangkol Residents

Faculty, Students, and Parents Satisfaction with Flexible Learning Implementation in a State-Funded University

Gender Equity in Higher Education: Linking Organization Practice on Teachers’ Moral and Productivity

JRMSU – Dipolog Campus Website: Effective and Usability Evaluation from the perspective of the Stakeholders

Makabagong Pamamaraan sa Pagtuturo ng Asignaturang Filipino: Pagtataya sa Teknolohical, Pedagohilical at Kalaamang Pangnilalaman

Man’s Approach: A Teaching Innovation Improving Students’ Performance in Partial Fraction Decomposition

Mine Waste: A Social Deviance

Peanut Leaf Spot Disease Identification using Pre-Trained Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Physicochemical Properties and Sensory Attributes of Sweetcorn (Zea Mays L. var. Macho F1) to Combined Application of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers

Predicting Internal Migration Patterns of a Province in the Philippines

Quality Assurance and Elements of Outcomes-Based Education Facility in Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines

Responding to the Challenges of Living in Peace and Harmony among Female Inmates thru Psycho-Education

Social Media as a Tool for Direct Selling Business in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte

Stressor and Coping Strategies among Accountanc Students during covid-19 pandemic

Students’ Satisfaction on the Quality of Service of Andres Bonifacio College

Taxonomy of the genus Begonia (Begoniaceae) in Mindanao, Philippines I: Bdegonia olganunezae, a new Begonia section of Petermannia species discovered in the province of Bukidnon

Teaching During Pandemic Years: Faculty Experience from Government-Funded Universities in the Philippines

ensure Examination for Teacher Result Among BSED Graduates of JRMSU-TC SY 2016 – 2018 Analysis

Time Series Analysis of Infected COVID· 19 cases in the Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines using Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks

Tuberolabium camperenik (Orchidaceae), a new Aeridinae species with crystal white flowers from West Java, Indonesia