Office of the VPRDE

Welcome to the page of the Vice President for Research Development and Extension!

Jose Rizal Memorial State University is a higher education institution that is committed to research, development, and extension initiatives aimed at creating a smart future (Figure 1). The university has been focusing its efforts on leveraging its expertise and resources to address complex problems and develop innovative solutions that can benefit society. Through its research activities, JRMSU is working towards creating new knowledge that can inform policies and practices in various fields. The university’s development initiatives are focused on creating cutting-edge technologies and systems that can help solve real-world challenges, while its extension programs aim to engage with local communities and industry partners to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration. By focusing on research, development, and extension initiatives, JRMSU is taking a proactive role in shaping a smart future that is sustainable, equitable, and inclusive.

Figure 1. Rocketing University Research, Development and Extension Initiatives towards a Smart Future.

RDE Vision

A globally competitive & locally responsive research and extension that addresses the broad concern of national development and serves the wider international higher education research arena.

RDE Mission

Empower the academic faculty and students of JRMSU to undertake and publish quality research in higher education contributing to national and global development.


Innovative processes and solutions in research translated to extension engagements.


  • To promote high-impact research
  • To produce research that would lead to cultural, societal, political, and economic transformation
  • To conduct ethically compliant research
  • To transform innovative research into commercially viable products or services
  • To ensure the implementation of the University‚Äôs Intellectual Property Rights Policy