Awards & Recognition

The faculty have initiated innovative researches, attracted, taught, and mentored exceptional students; and engaged in activities for the benefit and enrichment of society. Hence, it is imperative that they will be given due recognition of what they have achieved for JRMSU.


Dr. Evelyn R. CampiseƱo, the University VPRED received the Platinum Award for Asian Research Journal and Editor Awards 2011 while Dr. Ma. Rio A. Naquit was acclaimed Most Outstanding Filipino Researcher, Marine Biology Category during the Asian Conference for Academic Journals and Higher Education Research and Asian Conference for Research Journalism held in Pryce Plaza Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines on August 17-20, 2011.


The Outstanding Filipino Research 2011 is given to researchers who have track record in research publications, public dissemination in fora and conferences, leadership in research organizations, experiences in Editorial board and peer reviews, solid educational background and involvement of these aspects in the Philippines and abroad.


Platinum (second place) Award for Best Oral Presentation, Biodiversity Category was also obtained by Dr. Naguit along with Dr. Janet J. Icao for Business and Governance Category during the said conference. Other awardees were Dr. Evelyn R. CampiseƱo, who got a Platinum (second place) Award for Education; Mr. Paterno S. Baguinat III, Diamond (first place) Award for Business and Governance; Mr. Jay D. Telen, Gold (third place), Dr. Narcisa S. Bureros, Silver (fourth place), Mr. Bernard G. Giloga, Silver (fourth place) and Christopher P. Tagupa Award for Health and Environment category. The said presentation was spearheaded by the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAMURE) and the Philippine Association of Institutions for Research (PAIR).