Guidance Office

Specific Functions and Duties

Name of Employee Position/


Actual Duties and Functions
1. Belina D. Hamoy

BS in Psychology

MAED., Guidance and  Counseling


Registered Guidance Counselor

Guidance Counselor III 1. Counseling

2. Coordinates the orientation program of students with

other Officer Concerned.

3. Interprets objectives, policies, rules and regulation of

the school to students and parents.

4. Educational Placement for students – assists students

in determining long – term educational plans as early

as possible.

5. Gives information to students on educational

opportunities and requirements.

6. Secures and organizes pertinent data about the


7. Administers tests given for guidance purposes,

collecting test data, and  interpreting  the result for the

parents and students.

8. Follow – up / Referral of students to other school

personnel or specialist.

9. Testing

10. Enrollment

11. Conduct Career Guidance

12. Conduct Information Drive

2. Mary Care R. Catubay

BS in Psychology


Guidance Counselor III 1. Coordinate Orientation Program

2. Facilitate Enrollment

3. Testing

3.Janice S. Ruiz

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering



Guidance Office Staff Assistant

1. Assists the guidance counselor in all the programs and

activities of the guidance office.

2. Assists the Guidance Counselor in every scheduled

activity of   the Guidance Office.

3. Checks and organizes students profile.

4. Encodes documents and other pertinent data.

5. Assists students in securing admission slip and excuse

slip and  in signing clearance.

6. Facilitates seminars for students.

7. Facilitates during enrollment.

4. Juan Paolo A. Tagbac Working Student  1. Maintains the cleanliness in the office.

2. Encodes documents.

3. Assists students during seminars.