Requirements for Graduation

1.No student shall be recommended for graduation unless he/she satisfies all academic and other requirements prescribed for graduation.

2.Candidates for graduation who began their studies under a curriculum of more than five (5) years shall be governed by the following:
a. Students who completed all the graduation requirements of the course should apply for graduation in order to be granted the corresponding degree or title.
b. Students who are candidates for graduation but who failed to complete two or three subjects on their last curriculum year shall follow the curricula they first started.


3.All candidates for graduation shall have their deficiences cleared  and their records completed not later than four(4) weeks before the end of the last semester.


4.No student shall be graduated from the State University unless he/she has completed at least two(2) year residence course or one (1) year residence for a two-year course.


5.Review policies


a. Review classes are required to all graduating students of JRMSU in the College of Education, Engineering, Nursing, Midwifery, Criminology and Agriculture.  Review Classes is a requisite for graduation.  Enrollment in Review Classes and passing the Mock LET or Mock Board Exam is requirement for issuance of transcipt for PRC Examination purposes.


b. For the JRMSU System education, nursing, criminology, agriculture, midwifery, engineering, accountancy, law graduating students, twenty percent (20%) of the review performance is taken as part of reviewee’s performance in a subject indentified by the Dean of the College.


c. For JRMSU System non-education graduating students whose course requires board examinations, review class is a requisite for graduation.


d. The review is scheduled every Sunday, 8-12 am and 1-5 pm, which starts on the second Sunday upon the start of the second semester and ends prior to commencement excercises.


e. The attendance is strictly checked for each review session.  A rating of at least 75 is required in each of the post test.


f. There shall be a matrix of activities prepared by the JRMSU campus concerned, to be strictly followed by the reviewers and the reviewees.


g. The review payment is P2,000.00 to cover administrative expenses and honoraria of the reviewers. Such amount is payable in four equal installments due every 30th of the month commencing November to February. For outsiders review pay shall be P2,500.00, one half upon registration and the remaining amount must be fully paid prior to the administration of the mock board.


h. A mock board is to be administered and a rating of at least 75 is required.  Full payment of the Review Fee (P2,000.00/P2,500.00) is required in taking the board.


i. All reviewees must behave professionally in all of the review sessions.


j. The Registration/Review fee shall be collected by the Cashier’s Office of the Campus concerned.  Disbursement shall follow the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.  No student shall be issued his/her diploma, certificate, or transcript if he/she does not attend practices for commencement exercises and exercies itself unless for a good reason, he/she is excused by the President of the State University.


Commencement and Baccalaureate Exercises 
Academic Regalia


1.All graduating students are required to attend the commencement exercises.
2.Candidates for graduation for a degree or title which requires no less than four (4) years of collegiate instruction shall be required to wear the prescribed academic gown during the baccalaureate service and commencement exercies.  Under no circumstances should a graduating student be allowed to make a mockery of his/her graduation by wearing an academic gown which is not appropriate or not prescribed for the course with black shoes.