Research Outputs & Presentation

Academic Year 2011-2012 marked another University’s outstanding performance in research. The University conducted researches not for the sole purpose of compliance but for the reason of serving the community by disseminating findings of community need-based researches. The dissemination of findings is done by presenting research papers during local, national and international conferences where educators and researchers convene. These educators and researchers in turn, conducted seminars and trainings for the benefit of the community as a result of newly acquired information and practices in specific fields.


The University has presented 9 researches during the Asian Conference for Academic Journals and Higher Education Research held at Pryce Plaza, Cagayan de Oro City on August 17-20, 2012, and all garnered prestigious awards. The following are the titles of the mentioned researches:

  • Journal Accreditation System and Best Practices: The JRMSU Experience
    Dr. Evelyn R. Campiseño


  • Ecology and Genetic Structure of Giant Clams Around Savu Sea, Indonesia
    Dr. Ma. Rio A. Naguit


  • Technical and Allocative Efficiencies of State Universities and Colleges in Region IX using Data Envelopment Analysis and Pareto Optimality
    Dr. Jannette J. Icao


  • DDPKAROMA Ecotourism Value Chain Analysis
    Mr. Paterno S. Baguinat III


  • Health and Economic Vulnerabilities of the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) to the Effects of Climate Change
    Dr. Narcisa S. Bureros


  • Lifestyle of City Village Residents Associated to Climate Change
    Mr. Jay D. Telen


  • Contribution of Smoking- Belching Vehicles to the Green House Concentration
    Mr. Bernard G. Gilaga


  • Impact of Corporatization On Higher Education
    Dr. Renato F. Malate


  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sequestration Capacity of Tampilisan Forest
    Mr. Cristopher P. Tagupa

In the national research conferences, 2 researches were presented. Dr. Wilson C. Nabua presented his paper during the 3rd Agribusiness Research Forum at Apo View, Davao City on July 13-14, 2011 while Prof. Jane T. Aquino presented her paper during the 3rd National Conference East Asia HAB 7 Meeting on November 14-19, 2011 at Resort Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Local research fora and conferences were also been participated by the University with 19 researches presented.


The preceding accomplishments were part of the University’s effort of strengthening the culture of research. Each college is mandated to conduct at least one research every semester. Two researches of the University have been funded by external agencies such as UN-FAO RFLP and Ministry of National Education of Indonesia while the rest are funded by the college and the institution. The college researches are funded by the college itself. On the other hand, institutional researches are funded by the Research GAA fund of the entire University. Below shows the terminated researches of the Colleges which would soon be presented in the local, national and international research fora/conferences. This AY 2011-2012, there are already 30 terminated researches.