JRMSUANS triumph in 6th PASUC Literary and Cultural Festival

Jose Rizal Memorial State University Main Campus entry for Hip Hop and Masining na Pagkukwento cruised to victory as they bested other twelve contingents from the different regions and claimed the 1st runner –up title during the 6th PASUC Socio-Cultural and Literary Competitions held at Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST), Cagayan de Oro City on December 10-12.

Dream Team as they called it, the ten equally talented hip hoppers showcased their versatility and confidence as they stamped their feet during the HipHop Competition held on December 11 at the MUST gymnasium.

Looking good and pleasing on their white tuxedo inspired costume, these handsome dancers wowed the audience and the judges as they executed splendid dance moves and impressive routines.


According to coach Mr. Reychold Daymiel, focus, discipline and determination were their weapon in winning. “All of the participating groups were amazing and talented but I am confident that we can make it because I can see their determination and perseverance to win.The sleepless nights of practice were paid off. And yes, we made it!” he said.

Region 12 grabbed the 2nd

runner-up and the group from the National Capital Region was the champion.

Meanwhile, Rene boy A. Panglima a 2nd year Mass Com student from the College of Arts and Sciences of the Main Campus grabbed the second pl

ace for the Masining na Pagkukwento held on the same day at the AVR-ITB Bldg of MUST Cagayan de Oro City.

His winning piece was entitled


“ Ang Mayabang na Usa at Matalinong Suso”. Panglima delivered his piece with confidence and dexterity in a Subanen costum

e. His skills in eliciting emotions and expressions of the character played and variation of voice and projection gained applause and impression from the audience and the judges.

Mrs. Ma. Loreen A. Borgonia revealed that it was not an easy competition. “Prior to the contest, we experienced some problems. We need to cut the piece because the time limit was changed, we have to revise the material because it must be traditional, but Rene boy was really good. His good attitude and spirit take him to victory,” she said.

Region 1 was adjudged as 2nd runner-up, and Region II emerged as champion.

There were 20 participants and coache

s from the University with Dir. Jessie C. Flores, the Director for Cultural Affairs of the University System who competed for the national competition together with other participants from the different SUCs in Region IX.

This year’s theme was “PASUC Socio-Cultural and Literary Competitions’ Impact towards ASEAN Integration. Dr. Jovelyn M. Cantina