Academic Programs

In the sphere of instruction, existing academic policies and curricular programs of the different colleges and campuses of the JRMSU are aligned with the demands of the market and of the economy while also giving consideration to the existing resources and thrust of each of the campuses. Currently, JRMSU is offering fifty three (53) academic programs comprising of Four (4) doctoral programs, eighteen (18) masteral programs and thirty-one (31) baccalaureate programs in various fields of Engineering, Education, Arts and Sciences, Computer Science, Technology, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Criminology, Agriculture, Business Administration and Management, Forestry and Law. Likewise, there are ten (10) non-degree programs and eleven (11) short-term programs.



Doctor of Education (Instruction) Master of Arts in Biology
Doctor of Education (Educational Managment) Master of Arts in General Science
Doctor in Public Administration Master of Arts in Social Science
Doctor in Public Administration (Major in Rural Development) Master of Arts in Physical Education
Master in Public Management Master of Arts in Vocational Education
Master in Public Health Master of Arts in Education (Educational Management, Special Education, Early Childhood Development)
Master in Public Administration Master of Science in Information Technology
Master of Arts in Nursing Master in Business Administration
Master of Arts in Mathematics Master in Technological Education
Master of Arts in Filipino Master of Science in Agriculture
Master of Arts in English Master of Science in Criminology Criminal Justice


Bachelor of Arts (Majors in: English, Political Science, Psychology, Mass Communication) Bachelor of Elementary Education (General Education, Early Childhood Development)
Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Secondary Education (Majors in: English, Filipino, Mathematics, Social Studies, MAPHE, Computer Education)
BS in Accountancy BS in Accounting Technology
BS in Agribusiness BS in Agribusiness Management
BS in Agricultural Education BS in Agricultural Engineering
BS in Agricultural Technology BS in Agriculture
BS in Agriculture BS in Civil Engineering
BS in Commerce (Majors in: Management Accounting, Business Management, Management Information System) BS in Computer Engineering
BS in Computer Science BS in Criminology
BS in Electronics & Communication Engineering BS in Entrepreneurial Management
BS in Fisheries BS in Forestry
BS in Hotel & Restaurant Management BS in Industrial Education
BS in Industrial Technology BS in Information Management
BS in Marine Biology BS in Marine Engineering
BS in Marine Transportation BS in Nursing
BS in Tourism


Associate in Computer Technology Associate in Domestic Technology
Associate in Domestic Technology Associate in Industrial Technology
Associate in Industrial Technology Midwifery Associate in Medical-Dental Nursing Assistant
Basic Seaman Courses Diploma of Agricultural Technology
Diploma of Technology Midwifery
Two-Year  Hotel & Restaurant  Management